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(song 8 on "Going Places")

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Red Hot & Rollin'

Memphis Moonlight

Rain, Rain

Red, White and Blue-Collar Heart

With You

Robert grew up in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. As a kid he heard the music of the 50's, thanks to his older sister.  The British invasion happened as he was approaching his teens, and his music is heavily influenced by that era and top 40 radio from the mid-to-late 60's.  It's a mix of americana, country, folk, garage band, rock, roots rock, rockabilly and the occasional pop song.  He also composes instrumental tunes, several of which have been featured on WAMU radio's Capital Soundtrack.


An award-winning songwriter, Robert has performed solo, as one-half of a duo, and in top 40, blues, and classic rock bands.  He's played clubs, coffee houses, bars, restaurants, picnics, private events and more open mics then he'll ever remember.  Primarily a guitarist, he also plays bass guitar, keyboards and drums.  He's a member of Songwriters' Association of Washington (SAW), and a former member of SAW's board of directors.


Since 2015, Robert has been based in Fredericksburg, VA.




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